Not Everybody Does It, But Everyone Should - Interview with Ann Purcell

September 12, 2016

Ann-Purcell.jpgThis week we have a conversation about how meditation can be easy and have big impact on your life. We talk to Ann Purcell, who is the author of "The Journey of Enlightenment", a musician that creates songs for children and a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Ann talks to us about how practicing Transcendental Meditation has affected her life. Show Notes: (1:22) Ann Purcell Interview, (2:48) Discovering meditation at 17, (5:08) Resting your mind, reducing stress and anxiety, (8:20) Focus, creativity and energy, (10:50) Improving your health and sense of self, (12:00) Meditation for children, (13:56) TM is an effortless technique, (17:17) Group meditaton and communities, (19:00) Wholeness of life, (27:00) A pathless path, (31:24) Living fullness of life, (38:30) Experiencing depth of your purpose, (48:30) Freedom from anxiety, fatique and stress

Find Your Truth and Recover Authenticity - Interview with don Jose Ruiz

August 29, 2016

donjoseruiz-200.jpgThis week we talk to don Jose Ruiz, co-author of the The Fifth Agreement, the follow-up to his father, don Miguel Ruiz's internationally best-selling book The Four Agreements. We talk to Jose about ways to open your heart, tapping into your internal creativity and a time that Ozzy Osbourne delivered spirit to Jose. Here are this week's show notes: (2:42) Don Jose Ruiz Interview, (3:42) Living with an open heart, (7:10) The Five Agreements, (11:27) Listening to your voice, (15:57) Sharing your experience, imagination and dreams, (19:25) When the student is ready the teacher will appear, (25:30) Ozzy Osbourne delivers spirit, (32:33) Creativity for transformation and growth.

Learn more about don Jose Ruiz:

What’s on the Inside Matters Most - Interview with Denley Fowlke

August 22, 2016

Denley_Portait0002.jpgThis week we talk to Denley Fowlke, the co-founder of Sun Warrior Super Foods. Denley talks about taking care of his baby twin daughter's while they were suffering from a chronic illness, rediscovery of a health lesson from his childhood and his weekly fasting trip to the mountains. Here are this week's show notes: (3:50) The universe connects the dots, (9:05) Denley Fowlke interview, (11:28) Twinkie, coke and puff of smoke, (14:37) Baby twin daughters suffer from mysterious chronic illness, (27:08) Cleanse your body and connect with spirit, (36:08) Having faith and knowing who you are, (41:34) Denley’s personal spiritual fitness practices

Yoga for Mental Fitness - Interview with Kacee Must

August 15, 2016

KaceeMust_copy.pngThis week we interview the philosopher and founder of Citizen Yoga Kacee Must. Kacee has practiced yoga since she was 10 and spent 3 years in India studying Vedanta philosophy. We talk about the importance of purpose and direction, spirituality and why she started Citizen Yoga. Here are this week's show notes: (2:00) Kacee Must Interview, (3:27) Practicing yoga when it wasn’t cool, (5:18) Getting through struggle and finding liberation, (9:11) Finding direction and identifying purpose, (16:43) Actions and fields of activity, (23:05) Importance of having people around you, (28:54) Trying yoga for the first time

Former NFL Athlete turned to Yoga - Interview Derrick “DJ” Townsel

August 8, 2016

DerrickDJTownsel.jpgThis week we talk to former NFL football player Derrick "DJ" Townsel.  DJ is a  personal trainer, health coach, and yoga instructor. DJ tells us about how he discovered a love for yoga and decided to become an instructor after learning on YouTube and taking 2 classes. Show notes: (2:55) Derrick "DJ" Townsel Interview, (4:02) DJ leaves football to maintain long term health, (5:55) Yoga on YouTube, (7:40) Yoga complements workouts and sports, (10:25) Making a spiritual connection through yoga, (16:40) Discovery of true self-expression, (22:00) Working to inspire people, (28:00) Patience with family

Transcendental Meditation Interview with Bob Roth

August 1, 2016

Bob_Roth-300x200.jpgThis week we talk about meditation and interview Bob Roth who has practiced meditation for over 40 years and is one the most experienced and sought-after meditation teacher’s in America.  Bob is also the Executive Director of The David Lynch Foundation which brings meditation to underserved schools, veterans and their families and survivors of domestic violence.  On this week's show we cover:  (1:33) Bob Roth Intro, (3:06) Bob discovers Transcendental Meditation as an 18 year old student, (5:26) The ocean waves of mediation, (10:20) What is meditation?, (14:43) Transcendental Meditation helps people with trauma and stress, (20:18) How to get started with meditation

Boxing to Yoga interview with Tommy Mack

July 25, 2016

This week we interview former Golden Gloves boxer turned yoga vinyasa teacher Tommy Mack. Tommy is leading the yoga certification class that Chris is taking. We talk about how Tommy found yoga after boxing and discuss the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. (1:58) Tommy Mack Interview, (3:36) Boxing, back surgery and yoga, (11:47) Leaving boxing behind, (20:00) Yoga transforms the soul, (26:00) Discovery of your emotions, (34:56) Being in the zone, (40:20) Finding a yoga practice for you

Yoga, Gambling and Suicide

July 18, 2016

This week we talk about some unexpected learnings while Chris takes a 30 day 200 hour yoga certification. He opens up to his classmates about how gambling lead him to contemplate suicide. Here are this week's show notes: (1:35) Chris starts intensive yoga teacher certification, (8:30) What is yoga?, (11:00) Certification is harder than Chris thought it would be, (13:30) Sports gambling leads Chris down a dangerous path, (23:40) The only bet that Chris remembers, (31:30) Chris escapes life by gambling, (38:30) Self-discovery and purpose

Listen and Trust - Interview with Janelle Hoyland

July 11, 2016

This week we talk to soul pathway healer, psychic and spiritual leader Janelle Hoyland. She shares her journey on how she came to help others. We talk about voices, money and parenting. Here are this week's show notes: (1:22) Janelle Holland Interview, (3:00) Janelle is kidnapped at age 3 by her father, (8:10) Listening and trusting, (15:13) Identifying and believing in yourself, (24:30) Letting your life unfold, (30:20) Psychics do not predict the future, (35:35) Taking money out of the equation, (43:20) Observe & understanding your surroundings, (50:33) Giving your children freedom while teaching them discipline, (59:50) Resources for men

Take Control of Your Health Care - Interview with Dr. Nisha Chellam

June 27, 2016

On this week's episode of the Humble Warrior podcast, we talk with Dr. Nisha Chellam, a Board Certified Internist who is also Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine.  She tells us how she discovered functional medicine through her own health struggles.  We talk about making your health a priority and she gives us some tips on dealing with stress.  Show Notes:  (1:21) Dr. Neesha Chellum Interview, (2:09) Dr. Chellum’s journey into medicine, (8:40) New expectations from your doctor, (12:22) Functional medicine vs classic medicine, (18:04) Creating a relationship with your doctor, (21:31) Five pillars of health, (24:26) Giving your body a higher priority, (26:51) The myth of health insurance, (29:11) Investing in your health, (35:21) Making the quality of your life non-negotiable, (39:38) What happens to your body when you’re stressed, (48:18) Recognizing early warning signs

All In the Family and interview with Andrew Brewer the Rock n’ Roll Psychic

June 20, 2016

This week we talk about the dynamics of our family relationships.  How our families stir different emotions than other people our lives.  We also interview Andrew Brewer, the rock n' roll psychic and he talks to us about past lives and being the love child of Vin Diesel and Jim Carey.  Here are this week's show notes:  (2:25) Chris attends his uncle’s funeral and talks about his family dynamics, (6:25) Chris reluctantly shows his chakra’s to his cousins, (6:50) Your family personality, (10:05) We choose our parents, (11:50) Family road trips, vacations, traditions and get togethers, (21:50) Emotional outbursts with your family, (26:00) Focus on enjoying your time with your family, (27:58) Andrew Brewer Interview, (29:05) How Andrew discovered his psychic abilities, (33:30) Understanding your past lives and akashic records, (41:19) How Andrew became known as the Rock n’ Roll psychic, (44:32) Why aren’t men practicing spirituality?, (47:14) Physical fitness, mental attitude and preparation, (56:35) Law of attraction and emotional root causes, (1:04:20) Taking the first step to change

What Does It Mean to Be Authentic?

June 13, 2016

This week we explore what it means to be authentic.  Our search for the definition of authenticity brings us to an article from Psychology Today called "The 7 Habits of Truly Genuine People".  We review each habit and talk about when were both good and bad examples of each.  Here's this week's rundown:  (2:40) What does it mean to be authentic?, (3:33) Genuine people speak their mind, (9:40) Responding to internal expectations vs external, (16:08) Forging your own path, (19:35) Not fearing failure, (26:02) Honesty about your thoughts, actions and behavior, (28:11) Embracing individuality and not judging others, (33:00) Self-esteem, not getting too high or too low

Vulnerability and Truth

June 6, 2016

This week Chris and Jon talk about vulnerability.  They discover instances when speaking the truth opened them up to being vulnerable.  Here are this week's show topics:  (2:00) What does vulnerability mean?, (3:12) Chris talks about his recent vulnerabilities, (8:11) Writing a book can’t be delegated, (13:15) Creativity vs business, (14:07) Finding your authentic voice, (16:40) Speaking the truth, (17:46) Jon speaks truth to pre-school teacher, (24:58) Chris deals with being on-hold with Delta for an hour, (28:17) Jon gets called snarky by website developer, (33:00) Be honest, don’t hurt people’s feelings, (34:47) Truth makes you feel vulnerable

Fear and Failure, Special Guest Martha Blessing

May 31, 2016
This week we discuss fear and failure and we learn about mediums with our special guest Martha Blessing.  Here are this week's show notes: (1:30) Understanding fear and failure, (3:00) Chris shares his life failures, (12:00) Moving on from past, (13:15) Chris is afraid but has faith, (19:00) Embracing fear, (28:00) Martha Blessing Interview, (29:10) Transitioning from main stream medicine to a medical medium, (36:25) Listening to your soul, (41:35) Belief and trust in yourself, (47:15) What is a medium?, (53:20) Inner voice, heart, soul, god, (59:20) Martha talks about overcoming her back problems, (1:04:50) Giving yourself a time-in to get plugged in, (1:10:00) What does prayer mean to you, (1:17:32) Building a spiritual team

Winning or Losing and Special Guest John Salley

May 23, 2016

This week we talk about winning and losing and the lessons learned from competing.  We interview Motor City Bad Boy turned wellness advocate John Salley.  John talks about how he found a vegan lifestyle and how it changed his life.  Here are this week's show notes:  (1:00) Winning and losing, (5:00) Thought process of winning, (6:30) Why do you want to win, (8:14) John Salley Interview, (9:25) Om Cafe leads to vegan lifestyle, (10:37) Impact of caring for your gut, (12:29) Vegan impact in Detroit, (15:43) Importance of water, (17:25) Vegan wine, (19:30) Control your breath, control your mind, (23:11) Building the body through physical activity, (29:21) Food changes life, (31:52) Play to win or to be free, (34:15) How do you deal with competition?, (37:29) Individual competition vs team, (39:15) Moments of defeat, (43:30) Learning about yourself, (45:30) Competing as you age, (48:20) Love what you do

Time to Love Yourself Naked

May 16, 2016

Jon watches a movie and is inspired to talk about a life without time and then we're joined by holistic health coach Renee Heigel and she tells us about trust belly's and showing up fully.  Here's this weeks rundown:  (0:52) Discussion about time, (2:30) Living in the moment, (3:15) A world with no time, (6:00) Feelings associated to time, (9:05) Scheduled vs unscheduled time, (10:12) Judging yourself on time,(14:18) Giving time power, (17:54) Renee Heigel Interview, (19:06) Renee’s journey starts as a workaholic, (23:25) Renee hires a life coach at 22, (27:26) Renee balances baby, business and divorce, (32:24) Loving yourself naked, (39:00) Meditation, yoga, boxing and boundaries, (44:50) Competition between making money and spiritual practice, (49:52) Aligning yourself with what you’re good at, (52:47) Making your job meaningful and purposeful

Staying on Your Path

May 9, 2016

Chris talks about his personal discovery about while attending a Bo Eason public speaking seminar, how he lost and rediscovered his path and we interview the founder of the Body Mind Institute - Lars Gustafsson.  This week's show notes:  (0:35) Chris goes to Bo Eason speaking conference, (3:15) Self-discovery/Defining moments, (7:35) Uncovering past patterns, (9:00) Lars Gustafson Interview, (10:22) Body Mind Institute, (12:30) Course Topics,(13:35) Lars faces the most difficult part of his life, (14:45) Daily spiritual practice routines, (16:17) Self-forgiveness, surrender and detachment, (22:23) Waking up with water/healthy body practices, (32:25) Starting your body, mind and spirit practice, (36:12) Working with Lars, (38:26) Jon asks Chris about following his inner voice, (41:24) Losing your way when following your path, (50:20) Flight attendant tests Chris

Let It Out - Katie Daleabout

May 2, 2016

This week Chris talks about his most recent bout with love versus fear and how guns knives and veggies are intertwined.  Chris gets the results of his book submission to the Hay House publishing contest and we're joined by special guest Katie Daleabout.  Here's this week's rundown:  (3:38) Veggies, Guns and Knives, (4:50) Love over Fear, (6:57) Chris takes email wrong way, (8:38) Chris responds negatively with fear, (11:57) Challenges with communicating through email, (13:47) Spending too much time thinking, (14:29) Responding with love when disagreeing, (15:40) HayHouse book publishing contest winner, (17:02) Telling your true story, (19:10) Having faith when facing adversity, (22:50) Katie Daleabout Interview, (25:10) Katie’s winding path,(28:00) Body image issues leads to eating disorder, (32:20) Turning to personal growth & self-development, (36:24) Figuring out who you are through journaling, (42:18) Deepening your relationships, (44:41) Safe places for your thoughts, (46:00) How to journal, (51:39) The artist way/Julia Cameron, (54:25) Working with Katie, (56:40) Katie training with Real Girl, (1:01:00) Challenges women face navigating the world

Get Real, Be Well - Cassie Sobelton

April 24, 2016

This week we're joined by Cassie Sobelton who is an author, speaker + wellness expert who teaches people how to crack their Mind, Body, Spirit code to transform their health.  We have an upbeat conversation and talk about:(2:30) How Cassie connected to spirituality, (4:00) Ruptured appendix leads to discovery of Crohn’s disease, (6:10) Questioning the need for prescribed medication, (7:30) Finding a doctor that works with your needs, (8:45) Trusting your instincts, (10:00) Getting off meds in 6 months, (11:45) Mind, body & spirit practice, (14:10) Steel manufacturing and prison guards, (16:50) Friend’s suicide leads to defining moment, (18:49) Breaking away from corporate America, (22:35) Trust in following your heart, (26:43) Dealing with people that want you to follow a conventional path, (33:00) Importance of wellness programs, (38:30) Taking little steps over time, (40:58) Understanding why you do things, (43:01) Cassie’s 3 steps to making change

China in your Hand

April 18, 2016

Chris is back from China and shares details about his trip.  His dog Buddy also joins the podcast in the background.  Chris and Jon talk about: (1:30) Chris talks about his trip to China, (3:30) Traffic, scooters and clothes, (6:00) Coping with the circumstances of traveling in a group, (8:30) Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism, (11:00) Business/Cultural revolution, (14:20) Being a minority in a foreign country, (17:15) Adjustments to daily practices on the road, (19:15) Grade school visit, (21:25) Chris plays ping-pong with old ladies, (23:46) 2-weeks with your daughter, (25:25) Children are our teachers, (29:20) Parenting guilt