Row Until You See Your Reflection

January 23, 2017


This week we talk about dealing with uncontrollable change and learning from what you see in the mirror. We discuss dealing with feelings about people moving on, what turns words into beliefs and the mirrors of life. Here are this week's show notes:

(2:00) How do you respond when someone that’s important to you moves on
(5:10) What’s turns words into a belief
(8:10) Dealing with unexpected endings
(11:40) Success breeds change
(16:35) Wishing the best for people
(20:40) Mirrors help you learn about yourself
(24:20) Are you positive or negative, grateful or selfish?

21st Century Masculinity — Men Helping Men

January 16, 2017

We kick off the New Year with a discussion about a recent blog post Chris wrote regarding masculinity. Dr. Cassius Drake joins us as we talk about where common "male" beliefs come from, why we have a strong attachment to them and what we can do to overcome them. Below are this week's show notes:

(1:52) Chris shares his thoughts behind the 21st Century Male
(9:19) Cassius, Jon & Chris discuss beliefs about masculinity
(12:51) Have you been penalized for being nice?
(18:25) When does your ego get in the way?
(25:13) What do men really need to show strength and power?
(34:20) Surround yourself in the right environment



photo: Ramakers