Our Wants are Many, Our Needs are Few

October 31, 2016

photo-1465800543032-938e07f1d150-small.jJon's sister has her first child and inspires this week's talk about wants and needs. Chris and Jon discuss what they really need and how to balance their wants out of life. Chris uncovers how he loves himself. This week's show notes: (2:00) Our wants are many, our needs are few, (4:30) Somebody to care for you, (12:00) You’re never alone, (16:59) We all need somebody to love, especially ourselves, (24:10) Balancing your wants, (28:15) The wants that we need?, (32:30) Create the life you want

Row the Boat Interview with PJ Fleck

October 24, 2016

chrisforte-pjfleck.jpgSports can provide us with exercise and entertainment, but it also provides us with a way to learn about ourselves. This week, we get to talk to the head football coach of Western Michigan Football, P.J. Fleck about his Row the Boat mantra. We'll discuss how the culture he's building is more than wins or losses on a football field. Here are this week's show notes: (1:37) P.J. Fleck Interview, (2:39) Being able to be me, (3:59) Row the Boat Mantra, (6:25) Results are data, (8:16) Finding your direction , (9:46) Joy is a perspecitve of circumstance, (12:05) Serving and giving, (14:34) Last man is most successful, (17:10) You’ve never really arrived, (19:43) Forget About Me I Love You, (22:25) Remarkable Effort Applied to Life , (25:30) Never let circumstance dictate your behavior

It’s Business, Not Personal

October 17, 2016

business-not-personal-400x267.jpgIn the movie "The Godfather", Michael Corleone famously said "It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business." Have you ever heard that statement at work? This week we talk about how we've experienced this quote in our careers and the meaning behind it. Here are this weeks show notes: (1:38) Chris trapped because of Hurricane Matthew, (6:03) Jon witnesses crazy trying to buy tires, (11:19) It’s business, not personal, (14:30) Not liking who you are at work, (21:22) It’s you, not your company, (29:43) Your work isn’t who you are, (35:23) Finding balance at work

What is a Humble Warrior?

October 10, 2016

humble-warrior-300.jpgThis week we celebrate our 1-year anniversary of the Humble Warrior Podcast. We reminisce about how the podcast started and how we've changed over the past year. We discuss what it means to be a Humble Warrior. This week's show notes: (0:53) One Year Anniversary, (4:25) What is a Humble Warrior?, (8:48) Making room for who you want to be, (15:14) Battle is within and the destruction of ego, (18:48) Don’t look back in anger, (24:15) Being a role model, (30:00) Heart centered connections

Finding connection through yoga practice - Interview with Dylan Werner

October 4, 2016

dylan_werner-promo.jpgDylan Werner has no home and travels the world teaching yoga.  He's practiced martial arts, wrestling, extreme sports and was also in the military, but yoga was his calling when he discovered the spiritual benefits of the practice.  Join us this week as we talk to Dylan about his practice and how he's transformed through the practice.  Here are this week's show notes:  (1:53) Dylan Werner Interview, (3:08) Finding yoga through martial arts, (10:30) Connection through intention, (21:35) Be here now, (26:03) Understanding yourself, (31:40) The energy of community


Learn more about Dylan Werner by visiting: www.dylanwerneryoga.com.