Leaving the OCD Circus - Interview with Kirsten Pagacz

September 27, 2016

kirsten-pagacz-small.jpgOn this week's episode, Jon's long-time friend Kirsten Pagacz talks about having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and her upcoming book "Leaving the OCD Circus". Kirsten shares her story about living with OCD and how it affected her work and personal life. Kirsten talks about how she fought this severe mental disorder and how she wants to help others understand and cope with OCD. Show Notes: (1:59) Kirsten Pagacz Interview, (4:28) What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), (8:16) Orders to tap, check and be perfect from the Sargent, (13:42) Saying not today,(21:00) Living a double life, (24:26) It’s not your fault, (30:10) Doubting yourself, (32:19) Being taken out of the moment(35:37) Multi-tasking, sensitivity and benefits from OCD, (43:15) Dr. Groovy Pants

Note: Near the halfway point of the podcast we ran into some mysterious noise during recording. Our apologies!

Learn more about Kirsten and her book at www.kirstenpagacz.com

Row, Row, Row the Boat

September 19, 2016

RTB-small.jpgThis week, Chris and Jon talk about the mantra "Row The Boat", created by P.J. Fleck, head football coach of Jon's alma mater Western Michigan University. We talk about never giving up, get an update on the book and talk about a new mantra for the show. Show Notes: (2:20) Spirituality in Sports, (5:15) Rowing the Boat, (9:10) Never Give Up, (17:00) No Such Thing as a Bad Day, (21:45) The Circle is Now Complete, Kinda, (24:30) Dealing with Critique, (27:46) Doing the Work and Checklists, (34:07) Helping is not Always Doing(36:45) Inspiring Ourselves and Others

Not Everybody Does It, But Everyone Should - Interview with Ann Purcell

September 12, 2016

Ann-Purcell.jpgThis week we have a conversation about how meditation can be easy and have big impact on your life. We talk to Ann Purcell, who is the author of "The Journey of Enlightenment", a musician that creates songs for children and a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Ann talks to us about how practicing Transcendental Meditation has affected her life. Show Notes: (1:22) Ann Purcell Interview, (2:48) Discovering meditation at 17, (5:08) Resting your mind, reducing stress and anxiety, (8:20) Focus, creativity and energy, (10:50) Improving your health and sense of self, (12:00) Meditation for children, (13:56) TM is an effortless technique, (17:17) Group meditaton and communities, (19:00) Wholeness of life, (27:00) A pathless path, (31:24) Living fullness of life, (38:30) Experiencing depth of your purpose, (48:30) Freedom from anxiety, fatique and stress