Find Your Truth and Recover Authenticity - Interview with don Jose Ruiz

August 29, 2016

donjoseruiz-200.jpgThis week we talk to don Jose Ruiz, co-author of the The Fifth Agreement, the follow-up to his father, don Miguel Ruiz's internationally best-selling book The Four Agreements. We talk to Jose about ways to open your heart, tapping into your internal creativity and a time that Ozzy Osbourne delivered spirit to Jose. Here are this week's show notes: (2:42) Don Jose Ruiz Interview, (3:42) Living with an open heart, (7:10) The Five Agreements, (11:27) Listening to your voice, (15:57) Sharing your experience, imagination and dreams, (19:25) When the student is ready the teacher will appear, (25:30) Ozzy Osbourne delivers spirit, (32:33) Creativity for transformation and growth.

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What’s on the Inside Matters Most - Interview with Denley Fowlke

August 22, 2016

Denley_Portait0002.jpgThis week we talk to Denley Fowlke, the co-founder of Sun Warrior Super Foods. Denley talks about taking care of his baby twin daughter's while they were suffering from a chronic illness, rediscovery of a health lesson from his childhood and his weekly fasting trip to the mountains. Here are this week's show notes: (3:50) The universe connects the dots, (9:05) Denley Fowlke interview, (11:28) Twinkie, coke and puff of smoke, (14:37) Baby twin daughters suffer from mysterious chronic illness, (27:08) Cleanse your body and connect with spirit, (36:08) Having faith and knowing who you are, (41:34) Denley’s personal spiritual fitness practices

Yoga for Mental Fitness - Interview with Kacee Must

August 15, 2016

KaceeMust_copy.pngThis week we interview the philosopher and founder of Citizen Yoga Kacee Must. Kacee has practiced yoga since she was 10 and spent 3 years in India studying Vedanta philosophy. We talk about the importance of purpose and direction, spirituality and why she started Citizen Yoga. Here are this week's show notes: (2:00) Kacee Must Interview, (3:27) Practicing yoga when it wasn’t cool, (5:18) Getting through struggle and finding liberation, (9:11) Finding direction and identifying purpose, (16:43) Actions and fields of activity, (23:05) Importance of having people around you, (28:54) Trying yoga for the first time

Former NFL Athlete turned to Yoga - Interview Derrick “DJ” Townsel

August 8, 2016

DerrickDJTownsel.jpgThis week we talk to former NFL football player Derrick "DJ" Townsel.  DJ is a  personal trainer, health coach, and yoga instructor. DJ tells us about how he discovered a love for yoga and decided to become an instructor after learning on YouTube and taking 2 classes. Show notes: (2:55) Derrick "DJ" Townsel Interview, (4:02) DJ leaves football to maintain long term health, (5:55) Yoga on YouTube, (7:40) Yoga complements workouts and sports, (10:25) Making a spiritual connection through yoga, (16:40) Discovery of true self-expression, (22:00) Working to inspire people, (28:00) Patience with family

Transcendental Meditation Interview with Bob Roth

August 1, 2016

Bob_Roth-300x200.jpgThis week we talk about meditation and interview Bob Roth who has practiced meditation for over 40 years and is one the most experienced and sought-after meditation teacher’s in America.  Bob is also the Executive Director of The David Lynch Foundation which brings meditation to underserved schools, veterans and their families and survivors of domestic violence.  On this week's show we cover:  (1:33) Bob Roth Intro, (3:06) Bob discovers Transcendental Meditation as an 18 year old student, (5:26) The ocean waves of mediation, (10:20) What is meditation?, (14:43) Transcendental Meditation helps people with trauma and stress, (20:18) How to get started with meditation