Boxing to Yoga interview with Tommy Mack

July 25, 2016

This week we interview former Golden Gloves boxer turned yoga vinyasa teacher Tommy Mack. Tommy is leading the yoga certification class that Chris is taking. We talk about how Tommy found yoga after boxing and discuss the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. (1:58) Tommy Mack Interview, (3:36) Boxing, back surgery and yoga, (11:47) Leaving boxing behind, (20:00) Yoga transforms the soul, (26:00) Discovery of your emotions, (34:56) Being in the zone, (40:20) Finding a yoga practice for you

Yoga, Gambling and Suicide

July 18, 2016

This week we talk about some unexpected learnings while Chris takes a 30 day 200 hour yoga certification. He opens up to his classmates about how gambling lead him to contemplate suicide. Here are this week's show notes: (1:35) Chris starts intensive yoga teacher certification, (8:30) What is yoga?, (11:00) Certification is harder than Chris thought it would be, (13:30) Sports gambling leads Chris down a dangerous path, (23:40) The only bet that Chris remembers, (31:30) Chris escapes life by gambling, (38:30) Self-discovery and purpose

Listen and Trust - Interview with Janelle Hoyland

July 11, 2016

This week we talk to soul pathway healer, psychic and spiritual leader Janelle Hoyland. She shares her journey on how she came to help others. We talk about voices, money and parenting. Here are this week's show notes: (1:22) Janelle Holland Interview, (3:00) Janelle is kidnapped at age 3 by her father, (8:10) Listening and trusting, (15:13) Identifying and believing in yourself, (24:30) Letting your life unfold, (30:20) Psychics do not predict the future, (35:35) Taking money out of the equation, (43:20) Observe & understanding your surroundings, (50:33) Giving your children freedom while teaching them discipline, (59:50) Resources for men