Take Control of Your Health Care - Interview with Dr. Nisha Chellam

June 27, 2016

On this week's episode of the Humble Warrior podcast, we talk with Dr. Nisha Chellam, a Board Certified Internist who is also Board Certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine.  She tells us how she discovered functional medicine through her own health struggles.  We talk about making your health a priority and she gives us some tips on dealing with stress.  Show Notes:  (1:21) Dr. Neesha Chellum Interview, (2:09) Dr. Chellum’s journey into medicine, (8:40) New expectations from your doctor, (12:22) Functional medicine vs classic medicine, (18:04) Creating a relationship with your doctor, (21:31) Five pillars of health, (24:26) Giving your body a higher priority, (26:51) The myth of health insurance, (29:11) Investing in your health, (35:21) Making the quality of your life non-negotiable, (39:38) What happens to your body when you’re stressed, (48:18) Recognizing early warning signs

All In the Family and interview with Andrew Brewer the Rock n’ Roll Psychic

June 20, 2016

This week we talk about the dynamics of our family relationships.  How our families stir different emotions than other people our lives.  We also interview Andrew Brewer, the rock n' roll psychic and he talks to us about past lives and being the love child of Vin Diesel and Jim Carey.  Here are this week's show notes:  (2:25) Chris attends his uncle’s funeral and talks about his family dynamics, (6:25) Chris reluctantly shows his chakra’s to his cousins, (6:50) Your family personality, (10:05) We choose our parents, (11:50) Family road trips, vacations, traditions and get togethers, (21:50) Emotional outbursts with your family, (26:00) Focus on enjoying your time with your family, (27:58) Andrew Brewer Interview, (29:05) How Andrew discovered his psychic abilities, (33:30) Understanding your past lives and akashic records, (41:19) How Andrew became known as the Rock n’ Roll psychic, (44:32) Why aren’t men practicing spirituality?, (47:14) Physical fitness, mental attitude and preparation, (56:35) Law of attraction and emotional root causes, (1:04:20) Taking the first step to change

What Does It Mean to Be Authentic?

June 13, 2016

This week we explore what it means to be authentic.  Our search for the definition of authenticity brings us to an article from Psychology Today called "The 7 Habits of Truly Genuine People".  We review each habit and talk about when were both good and bad examples of each.  Here's this week's rundown:  (2:40) What does it mean to be authentic?, (3:33) Genuine people speak their mind, (9:40) Responding to internal expectations vs external, (16:08) Forging your own path, (19:35) Not fearing failure, (26:02) Honesty about your thoughts, actions and behavior, (28:11) Embracing individuality and not judging others, (33:00) Self-esteem, not getting too high or too low

Vulnerability and Truth

June 6, 2016

This week Chris and Jon talk about vulnerability.  They discover instances when speaking the truth opened them up to being vulnerable.  Here are this week's show topics:  (2:00) What does vulnerability mean?, (3:12) Chris talks about his recent vulnerabilities, (8:11) Writing a book can’t be delegated, (13:15) Creativity vs business, (14:07) Finding your authentic voice, (16:40) Speaking the truth, (17:46) Jon speaks truth to pre-school teacher, (24:58) Chris deals with being on-hold with Delta for an hour, (28:17) Jon gets called snarky by website developer, (33:00) Be honest, don’t hurt people’s feelings, (34:47) Truth makes you feel vulnerable