Fear and Failure, Special Guest Martha Blessing

May 31, 2016
This week we discuss fear and failure and we learn about mediums with our special guest Martha Blessing.  Here are this week's show notes: (1:30) Understanding fear and failure, (3:00) Chris shares his life failures, (12:00) Moving on from past, (13:15) Chris is afraid but has faith, (19:00) Embracing fear, (28:00) Martha Blessing Interview, (29:10) Transitioning from main stream medicine to a medical medium, (36:25) Listening to your soul, (41:35) Belief and trust in yourself, (47:15) What is a medium?, (53:20) Inner voice, heart, soul, god, (59:20) Martha talks about overcoming her back problems, (1:04:50) Giving yourself a time-in to get plugged in, (1:10:00) What does prayer mean to you, (1:17:32) Building a spiritual team

Winning or Losing and Special Guest John Salley

May 23, 2016

This week we talk about winning and losing and the lessons learned from competing.  We interview Motor City Bad Boy turned wellness advocate John Salley.  John talks about how he found a vegan lifestyle and how it changed his life.  Here are this week's show notes:  (1:00) Winning and losing, (5:00) Thought process of winning, (6:30) Why do you want to win, (8:14) John Salley Interview, (9:25) Om Cafe leads to vegan lifestyle, (10:37) Impact of caring for your gut, (12:29) Vegan impact in Detroit, (15:43) Importance of water, (17:25) Vegan wine, (19:30) Control your breath, control your mind, (23:11) Building the body through physical activity, (29:21) Food changes life, (31:52) Play to win or to be free, (34:15) How do you deal with competition?, (37:29) Individual competition vs team, (39:15) Moments of defeat, (43:30) Learning about yourself, (45:30) Competing as you age, (48:20) Love what you do

Time to Love Yourself Naked

May 16, 2016

Jon watches a movie and is inspired to talk about a life without time and then we're joined by holistic health coach Renee Heigel and she tells us about trust belly's and showing up fully.  Here's this weeks rundown:  (0:52) Discussion about time, (2:30) Living in the moment, (3:15) A world with no time, (6:00) Feelings associated to time, (9:05) Scheduled vs unscheduled time, (10:12) Judging yourself on time,(14:18) Giving time power, (17:54) Renee Heigel Interview, (19:06) Renee’s journey starts as a workaholic, (23:25) Renee hires a life coach at 22, (27:26) Renee balances baby, business and divorce, (32:24) Loving yourself naked, (39:00) Meditation, yoga, boxing and boundaries, (44:50) Competition between making money and spiritual practice, (49:52) Aligning yourself with what you’re good at, (52:47) Making your job meaningful and purposeful

Staying on Your Path

May 9, 2016

Chris talks about his personal discovery about while attending a Bo Eason public speaking seminar, how he lost and rediscovered his path and we interview the founder of the Body Mind Institute - Lars Gustafsson.  This week's show notes:  (0:35) Chris goes to Bo Eason speaking conference, (3:15) Self-discovery/Defining moments, (7:35) Uncovering past patterns, (9:00) Lars Gustafson Interview, (10:22) Body Mind Institute, (12:30) Course Topics,(13:35) Lars faces the most difficult part of his life, (14:45) Daily spiritual practice routines, (16:17) Self-forgiveness, surrender and detachment, (22:23) Waking up with water/healthy body practices, (32:25) Starting your body, mind and spirit practice, (36:12) Working with Lars, (38:26) Jon asks Chris about following his inner voice, (41:24) Losing your way when following your path, (50:20) Flight attendant tests Chris

Let It Out - Katie Daleabout

May 2, 2016

This week Chris talks about his most recent bout with love versus fear and how guns knives and veggies are intertwined.  Chris gets the results of his book submission to the Hay House publishing contest and we're joined by special guest Katie Daleabout.  Here's this week's rundown:  (3:38) Veggies, Guns and Knives, (4:50) Love over Fear, (6:57) Chris takes email wrong way, (8:38) Chris responds negatively with fear, (11:57) Challenges with communicating through email, (13:47) Spending too much time thinking, (14:29) Responding with love when disagreeing, (15:40) HayHouse book publishing contest winner, (17:02) Telling your true story, (19:10) Having faith when facing adversity, (22:50) Katie Daleabout Interview, (25:10) Katie’s winding path,(28:00) Body image issues leads to eating disorder, (32:20) Turning to personal growth & self-development, (36:24) Figuring out who you are through journaling, (42:18) Deepening your relationships, (44:41) Safe places for your thoughts, (46:00) How to journal, (51:39) The artist way/Julia Cameron, (54:25) Working with Katie, (56:40) Katie training with Real Girl, (1:01:00) Challenges women face navigating the world