Get Real, Be Well - Cassie Sobelton

April 24, 2016

This week we're joined by Cassie Sobelton who is an author, speaker + wellness expert who teaches people how to crack their Mind, Body, Spirit code to transform their health.  We have an upbeat conversation and talk about:(2:30) How Cassie connected to spirituality, (4:00) Ruptured appendix leads to discovery of Crohn’s disease, (6:10) Questioning the need for prescribed medication, (7:30) Finding a doctor that works with your needs, (8:45) Trusting your instincts, (10:00) Getting off meds in 6 months, (11:45) Mind, body & spirit practice, (14:10) Steel manufacturing and prison guards, (16:50) Friend’s suicide leads to defining moment, (18:49) Breaking away from corporate America, (22:35) Trust in following your heart, (26:43) Dealing with people that want you to follow a conventional path, (33:00) Importance of wellness programs, (38:30) Taking little steps over time, (40:58) Understanding why you do things, (43:01) Cassie’s 3 steps to making change

China in your Hand

April 18, 2016

Chris is back from China and shares details about his trip.  His dog Buddy also joins the podcast in the background.  Chris and Jon talk about: (1:30) Chris talks about his trip to China, (3:30) Traffic, scooters and clothes, (6:00) Coping with the circumstances of traveling in a group, (8:30) Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism, (11:00) Business/Cultural revolution, (14:20) Being a minority in a foreign country, (17:15) Adjustments to daily practices on the road, (19:15) Grade school visit, (21:25) Chris plays ping-pong with old ladies, (23:46) 2-weeks with your daughter, (25:25) Children are our teachers, (29:20) Parenting guilt

Guiltless Joy

April 11, 2016

Pat Jones co-hosts this week's podcast with Jon Moises while Chris Forte is in China.  Pat shares her story of having mysterious autoimmune symptoms and finding happiness.  We talk about (7:33) Pat is diagnosed with MS, (9:03) 9/11 feelings of despair, grey dust and neurological issues, (11:40) Treating her symptoms, (12:30) Pressing the reset button, (16:09) Leaving corporate America, (19:52) Soul’s desire, (23:27) The struggle of money, (25:23) Hearing God at housing court, (36:42) Paying double rent & filing for bankruptcy, (38:52) Declining mobility, (40:22) Focusing on what’s important when your life changes, (43:08) Following your calling, (46:13) Coming home, (47:50) Surrendering control, (49:09) What you actually need vs what you think you need, (55:47) Personal happiness and guilt, (1:00:32) Expectations, (1:04:16) Guiltless joy, acceptance and permission, (1:08:00) Money, freedom, independence and happiness, (1:12:34) Faith

Yoga, Martial Arts & Dealing with Stress

April 3, 2016

While Chris is on a 2-week trip to China, Jon takes over the Humble Warrior Podcast.  This week, Jon's wife Erika is a guest host and they discuss Erika's spiritual fitness practice through yoga & martial arts.  They talk about how her practice has helped her in her personal and work life including working with people, internal confidence and empowerment.  (2:45)  Beginnings of Erika's spiritual fitness practice, (7:15)  Vinyasa yoga quieting your mind, (10:50) Martial arts helps you work with people, (14:00) Feeling empowered by knowing self-defense, (16:05) How practicing both yoga and martial helps me deal with internal and external stress in life, (18:10) Jon considers taking his first yoga class, (22:28) Spiritual practice helps work life on the road, (26:13) How life changed by quitting smoking.