Recognize Your Feminine Power

November 19, 2015

Chris recently attended a Speak, Write, Promote Workshop put on by Hay House.  During the workshop, Chris had the opportunity to give a 5 minute speech to the attendees.  His talk brought him back to a day where he was alone for the first time in years.  This week's podcast recaps his speech and uncovers some new lessons in recognizing male and female energies in every day actions.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

November 9, 2015

Once ayear, Chris finds a workshop or retreat to deepen his spiritualpractice.  On this episode, Chris talksabout his weekend at the New Warrior Training Adventure, an event sponsored byThe Mankind Project.  We talk about thelayers of protection that we put on as time goes by and how to find ways toshed those layers.