It’s a Beautiful Ride!

June 19, 2017


Our journey spanned 2 years and 63 episodes in pursuit of a message from the voice to find your voice.  Thank you to everyone that has stuck with The Humble Warrior Podcast.  Chris Forte was able to self-publish his first book "The Humble Warrior: Spiritual tools for living a purposeful life".  On this week's pod, we look back at Chris Forte's journey to write a blog, create at podcast and write a book then we talk about "What's Next?".

Unified Communications - Combining All Aspects of Yourself into One

May 17, 2017


What do you do when you’ve decided to follow your passions and reality hits and you find out that you can't make a living?  Time to reflect, learn and readjust.  This week, Chris Forte talks about his 2 year journey to write his book, the price he's paid and what he's learned.


(1:40) Making adjustments during life transitions
(6:28) Coming full circle - zero to millions to zero
(10:30) Going back once you’ve changed
(15:55) Practicing your spiritual beliefs into a non-spiritual business
(20:38) The trap of rationalizing what you want
(25:00) Bringing all your “selfs” into one

Find the Spark to be Your Best Self - Interview with Kristen Noel

March 27, 2017



This week we talk to Kristen Noel, Editor in Chief of Best-Self Magainze. Kristen has a personal mission to empower people to take charge of their own destinies, to write their next chapters and to tap into their best selves — no matter what hardships they have experienced. She is currently working on an inspirational memoir and creating live events and online offerings to help others jumpstart shift in their own lives.

Here are this week's show notes:

(1:32) Interview with Kristen Noel, Editor in Chief Best-Self Magazine
(4:23) The journey of being in the audience to taking the stage
(8:40) Sharing the cracks in your armor create shifts in your life
(14:20) Ignoring the noise and claiming your passion
(18:49) Connecting the dots of mind, body and spirit
(24:38) One little thing starts the momentum of self-love
(29:47) Making a shift when it’s not working
(34:09) Listening to your intuition and speaking your truth

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Having Your Best Time When it’s Your Worst Time

March 7, 2017



When it seems like your in the worst of times is when your belief, faith and trust are tested the most. As Chris Forte continues his journey to publish his book he's struggling to keep going while so close the goal. This week we talk about the Rising Phoenix Awards, Kickstarters and Uber driving.

Here are this week's show notes:

(2:12) Chris is nominated for The Rising Phoenix Award
(12:34) Everyday is a winding road
(19:00) Uber here, uber there, uber everywhere
(26:00) The reality of self-discovery

Will the Landslide Bring You Down

February 14, 2017

z0ajcpvjrqu-daniel-burka.jpgThe one certainty in life is things will change. How are you going to respond when change happens? This week, Chris catches us up on the personal growth, financial and family changes he's experienced over the past couple years that has been magnified by an unfortunate incident.

Here are this week's show notes:

(1:45) Working on a fresh start
(6:00) Ignoring intuition leads to pain
(10:00) Dealing with your negative emotions
(15:35) When your family worries about you
(25:30) Making choices that are important to you that aren’t understood by others
(34:00) How do you respond when everything is falling apart

Row Until You See Your Reflection

January 23, 2017


This week we talk about dealing with uncontrollable change and learning from what you see in the mirror. We discuss dealing with feelings about people moving on, what turns words into beliefs and the mirrors of life. Here are this week's show notes:

(2:00) How do you respond when someone that’s important to you moves on
(5:10) What’s turns words into a belief
(8:10) Dealing with unexpected endings
(11:40) Success breeds change
(16:35) Wishing the best for people
(20:40) Mirrors help you learn about yourself
(24:20) Are you positive or negative, grateful or selfish?

21st Century Masculinity — Men Helping Men

January 16, 2017

We kick off the New Year with a discussion about a recent blog post Chris wrote regarding masculinity. Dr. Cassius Drake joins us as we talk about where common "male" beliefs come from, why we have a strong attachment to them and what we can do to overcome them. Below are this week's show notes:

(1:52) Chris shares his thoughts behind the 21st Century Male
(9:19) Cassius, Jon & Chris discuss beliefs about masculinity
(12:51) Have you been penalized for being nice?
(18:25) When does your ego get in the way?
(25:13) What do men really need to show strength and power?
(34:20) Surround yourself in the right environment



photo: Ramakers

I Wanna Know What You’re Thinking

December 26, 2016


This week's show wraps up 2016 with a discussion among friends where we discover how hard it can be communicate because of internal dialogue in your head. We also discuss what it means to listen and true expressions of love. Dr. Cassius Drake joins us again for our discussion.

Here are this week's show notes:

(2:56) Chris & Jon uncover breakthroughs when confronted with needing money to go on a trip
(14:10) Dr. Cassius Drake deals with the feelings of Christmas contraints
(21:05) Chris accepts feedback on the 3rd iteration of his book from Cassius and Jon

You Wanna New Drug? Let Spirituality Do the Healing - Interview Dr. Cassius Drake

December 12, 2016


Modern medicine can work miracles to help you ease the pain, cure an illness and prevent disease, but what do you do if it isn't working for you? There's no doubting the connection between mind, body & spirit, but how does that translate to your health? This week we talk to ER Doctor and healer Dr. Cassius Drake about medicine, emotional and spiritual healing.

Here are this week's show notes:

(2:32) Dr. Cassius Drake interview
(3:17) Medicine to emotional/spiritual healing
(6:38) Physical pain triggered by emotional stress
(17:33) Shifting your perception to change your emotional reaction
(25:25) Accept and feel your physical and emotional pain
(32:25) Are you being treated or healed?
(36:28) See your physician first, then look at every aspect of your life
(39:06) It’s OK to admit you’re not emotionally healthy
(46:10) Shift from the pill to connecting with spirit

Connect with Dr. Cassius Drake on:
Twitter: @CassisuDrakeMD

The Humble Warriors of College Football

December 6, 2016


We've been following Western Michigan Football Head Coach P.J. Fleck and his Row The Boat philosophy to an undefeated championship season. We uncover spiritual lessons of growth on this football journey. On this week's podcast, we talk about how PJ Fleck lives a Humble Warrior life as the head coach of a college football team by inspiring his team, the University and the Kalamazoo community.

(4:01) It’s not about winning
(6:58) Giving and serving
(10:45) The power of people
(13:37) Looking inward when faced with negativity and positivity
(18:50) Truthful about the big moments in life
(24:10) Growing as a person

Consciously Choosing How You Want to Live - Conversation with Cal Loo

November 21, 2016


Have you ever found yourself wondering, how did I get here and why am I doing this?  This week's conversation revolves around going through the process of self-discovery as it relates to your job and different phases of your life.  Cal Loo talks to us about his experiences with leaving the corporate world and his new life as a social entrepreneur.

Here are this week's show notes:

(2:08) Cal Loo Interview
(3:05) The person I became wasn't the person I chose, it’s the person I was expected to be
(8:43) You don’t have to figure it out, just figure out what’s next
(12:23) What’s important to you at 23 is different than when you’re 33
(16:00) Connecting the light between communities
(22:50) Handling coming of age transitions through personalized rights of passage experiences
(39:36) Being conscious of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it
(47:25) Divorced, becoming a father, bought a house, sold a house and having a loved one die in the span of 4 months
(52:01) My spiritual path didn’t match the religion I was given
(57:33) The fastest growing religion is spiritual not religious

Callan (Cal) is a Michigan resident and he walks a dual career path. On one hand he directs a global developer program for FLIR Systems, helping developers and everyday consumers imagine and actualize the use of thermal imaging in everyday consumer life. On the other hand he's something of a serial Social Entrepreneur - being the co-founder and executive director/president/leader of local organizations Intentional Legacies, The Intentional Living Collective, The Rising Phoenix Awards, and Conscious Rites.

While his "day job" pays the bills and lets him do fun and interesting things with technology, it's the social enterprise endeavors that really excite him. All of his companies and programs are connected by a single thread - the intention of helping people really know themselves well and lead heart-centered lives that are aligned with their core values. The Intentional Living Collective, which as filed for nonprofit status, is an organization on a mission to provide resources and programs for learning, growth, inspiration, and hope to the Community, and to facilitate collaboration between Community members for deeper connections and greater impact.

Cal is a huge outdoor enthusiast and enjoys camping, hiking, fly fishing, competitive volleyball, boating and spending quality time with his family and close friends.

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Reconnecting Your Soul After the Election - A Conversation with Jonathan Ellerby

November 14, 2016


We were fortunate to have the perfect guest on to help us reengage our spirit after a very emotionally packed election. Jonathan Ellerby PhD is uniquely qualified in the world of spirituality, consciousness and integrative health. We had a great conversation that covered the spiritual layers of the election, tips on how to heal your post-election feelings and relationships and talked about the positive things the election can bring to your spiritual journey.

Here are this week's show notes:

(1:39) Jonathan Ellerby Interview
(3:54) Spiritual Layers of 2016 Election
(11:26) Healing your relationships after the election
(15:30) Bringing balance to the power of men and women
(25:22) Challenge yourself and discover a doorway to your spiritual quest
(32:17) Conquering and reflection every day
(36:28) Why women defended Trump
(40:22) The power of the solitary vs communal quest
(44:54) What matters most? Who am I really? What relationships are most important?

Jonathan Ellerby has a PhD in comparative religion, an ordination as an interfaith minister and training in a range of healing systems. Jonathan has experience as a counselor, chaplain, and a business consultant and innovator. He has consulted for some the worlds largest and well known brands and has worked for some of the worlds leading integrative health resorts and medical programs, such as Canyon Ranch and the University of Arizona Medical School. The author of several books, Jonathan is a two time bestseller with Hay House and has been featured far and wide on radio, TV and in print.

He is currently the Spiritual Director at the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality in Denver, Colorado.

Learn more about Jonathan Ellerby by visiting

Interview with Detroit Juvenile Court Judge Frank Szymanski

November 7, 2016

Judge_Frank.jpgOn this week's episode, we talk to Detroit Juvenile Court Judge Frank Szymanski. Judge Frank is running for a seat in the Michigan Supreme Court and stops by to talk to us about his unique way of serving at-risk youth. We talk about the power of meditation as a form of intervention and talk about ways to serve yourself and others.

Here are this week's show notes:

(2:36) Judge Frank Interview
(5:50) Rehabilitation vs Punishment
(12:18) Transcendental Meditation a Postive Intervention for Youth
(19:00) Convicts helping kids
(22:35) Happiness is a Result of Who You Are not What You Have
(30:45) Connecting by Serving
(35:24) Controlling the Blame Ball
(40:51) Take 60 Seconds To Make Someone Feel Good

Learn more about Judge Frank by visiting:

Our Wants are Many, Our Needs are Few

October 31, 2016

photo-1465800543032-938e07f1d150-small.jJon's sister has her first child and inspires this week's talk about wants and needs. Chris and Jon discuss what they really need and how to balance their wants out of life. Chris uncovers how he loves himself. This week's show notes: (2:00) Our wants are many, our needs are few, (4:30) Somebody to care for you, (12:00) You’re never alone, (16:59) We all need somebody to love, especially ourselves, (24:10) Balancing your wants, (28:15) The wants that we need?, (32:30) Create the life you want

Row the Boat Interview with PJ Fleck

October 24, 2016

chrisforte-pjfleck.jpgSports can provide us with exercise and entertainment, but it also provides us with a way to learn about ourselves. This week, we get to talk to the head football coach of Western Michigan Football, P.J. Fleck about his Row the Boat mantra. We'll discuss how the culture he's building is more than wins or losses on a football field. Here are this week's show notes: (1:37) P.J. Fleck Interview, (2:39) Being able to be me, (3:59) Row the Boat Mantra, (6:25) Results are data, (8:16) Finding your direction , (9:46) Joy is a perspecitve of circumstance, (12:05) Serving and giving, (14:34) Last man is most successful, (17:10) You’ve never really arrived, (19:43) Forget About Me I Love You, (22:25) Remarkable Effort Applied to Life , (25:30) Never let circumstance dictate your behavior

It’s Business, Not Personal

October 17, 2016

business-not-personal-400x267.jpgIn the movie "The Godfather", Michael Corleone famously said "It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business." Have you ever heard that statement at work? This week we talk about how we've experienced this quote in our careers and the meaning behind it. Here are this weeks show notes: (1:38) Chris trapped because of Hurricane Matthew, (6:03) Jon witnesses crazy trying to buy tires, (11:19) It’s business, not personal, (14:30) Not liking who you are at work, (21:22) It’s you, not your company, (29:43) Your work isn’t who you are, (35:23) Finding balance at work

What is a Humble Warrior?

October 10, 2016

humble-warrior-300.jpgThis week we celebrate our 1-year anniversary of the Humble Warrior Podcast. We reminisce about how the podcast started and how we've changed over the past year. We discuss what it means to be a Humble Warrior. This week's show notes: (0:53) One Year Anniversary, (4:25) What is a Humble Warrior?, (8:48) Making room for who you want to be, (15:14) Battle is within and the destruction of ego, (18:48) Don’t look back in anger, (24:15) Being a role model, (30:00) Heart centered connections

Finding connection through yoga practice - Interview with Dylan Werner

October 4, 2016

dylan_werner-promo.jpgDylan Werner has no home and travels the world teaching yoga.  He's practiced martial arts, wrestling, extreme sports and was also in the military, but yoga was his calling when he discovered the spiritual benefits of the practice.  Join us this week as we talk to Dylan about his practice and how he's transformed through the practice.  Here are this week's show notes:  (1:53) Dylan Werner Interview, (3:08) Finding yoga through martial arts, (10:30) Connection through intention, (21:35) Be here now, (26:03) Understanding yourself, (31:40) The energy of community


Learn more about Dylan Werner by visiting:

Leaving the OCD Circus - Interview with Kirsten Pagacz

September 27, 2016

kirsten-pagacz-small.jpgOn this week's episode, Jon's long-time friend Kirsten Pagacz talks about having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and her upcoming book "Leaving the OCD Circus". Kirsten shares her story about living with OCD and how it affected her work and personal life. Kirsten talks about how she fought this severe mental disorder and how she wants to help others understand and cope with OCD. Show Notes: (1:59) Kirsten Pagacz Interview, (4:28) What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), (8:16) Orders to tap, check and be perfect from the Sargent, (13:42) Saying not today,(21:00) Living a double life, (24:26) It’s not your fault, (30:10) Doubting yourself, (32:19) Being taken out of the moment(35:37) Multi-tasking, sensitivity and benefits from OCD, (43:15) Dr. Groovy Pants

Note: Near the halfway point of the podcast we ran into some mysterious noise during recording. Our apologies!

Learn more about Kirsten and her book at

Row, Row, Row the Boat

September 19, 2016

RTB-small.jpgThis week, Chris and Jon talk about the mantra "Row The Boat", created by P.J. Fleck, head football coach of Jon's alma mater Western Michigan University. We talk about never giving up, get an update on the book and talk about a new mantra for the show. Show Notes: (2:20) Spirituality in Sports, (5:15) Rowing the Boat, (9:10) Never Give Up, (17:00) No Such Thing as a Bad Day, (21:45) The Circle is Now Complete, Kinda, (24:30) Dealing with Critique, (27:46) Doing the Work and Checklists, (34:07) Helping is not Always Doing(36:45) Inspiring Ourselves and Others